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      隨著學習壓力與生活壓力的不斷增加,許多孩子與家長之間的矛盾日益升級,沖突不斷。如何改善孩子與家長的關系成為大家共同關注的話題。請根據下表提示,以“How to Handle Conflicts Between Parents and Children”為題寫一篇150字左右的短文,并談談你自己的看法。


      Conflicts occur in almost every family. In some families, differences in opinions between parents and children are so huge that they often lead to quarrels or even fights. In others, the situation becomes so serious that they do not talk with each other, adopting the passive aggressive approach.

      Several reasons contribute to this phenomenon. On the part of the parents, they are either too impatient or too strict with their children, far more than their children can bear. Some parents even go so far as to interfere with their children’s freedom. On the part of the children, some are self-centered and seldom, if ever, consider other people’s feelings. Though desperate for independence, they often do not behave themselves and sometimes appear to be rude to others.

      In my opinion, effective measures should be taken to solve the problem. First, both parents and children should realize that they need to solve their problems. Second, they should try to understand each other.


      The introduction of computers into classroom has greatly changed the traditional way of teaching and learning. It is said that in the near future, with the improvement of information and computer technologies, computers would replace teachers and result in their unemployment. What do you think?

      以下面的標題,寫一篇200個詞的作文:Will Computers Replace Teachers?


      Will Computers Replace Teachers?

      The information and computer technologies have boosted the efficiency and convenience of people’s work and study. Their application in school education has provided teachers and students with new approaches to knowledge and information. But however useful computers are, they are still integrated by man and cannot play the role of human brain. So it is impossible for computers to replace teachers.

      I admit that computers benefit students in many ways, they can not do their assignments with the help of appropriate software. They also access the Internet for research and entertainment. But as Spencer said, “education has for its object the formation of character.” This is also the essence of the quality-oriented education advocated by our government. It aims at producing well-rounded students but only developing their ability to perform well on academic examinations. We need students who can think creatively, not cut and paste their essays out of software encyclopedia. We need students, who can tell truth from lies, not download unedited trivia from the Internet. We need students who communicate face-to-face with others, not hide behind emails. These are the very aspects where teachers can provide help and guidance.

      So teachers needn’t fear they would be replaced by computers. Instead, they should worry that if they did not adopt new technology, they would become outdated. Faced with the challenge of modern technology, what they should do is to change their attitudes. By learning and using this progressive approach, they can make their teaching more interactive and effective.



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